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    Upgrade-Changes Imperion


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    Upgrade-Changes Imperion Empty Upgrade-Changes Imperion

    Post by ytt_kr on Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:46 pm

    July, 7th 2011


    * Filter option of reports doesn't work
    * Fleet stays on the comet although recyclers have been destroyed
    * IGM via profile -> no recipient
    * Octopon that was build before the quest said prevented finishing quest
    * Negative Tritium production
    * Ownership in the galaxy view pixilated
    * Annexation successfull although all ships were destroyed (Empty annexation)
    * Population not added back when colonization order not successfull
    * Order of harvest missions not correct in Fleet Summary
    * 500 Internal Server error while sending IGMs
    * Incorrect icon for annexation reports
    * Link of debris reports lead to the solar system where the planet is in

    Balancing Changes:

    * Propulsion technology now gives +15% speed bonus per level
    * Beam Weapons and Guidance Systems technologies now give +5% damage bonus per level.
    * Minor rebalancing of building points for player ranking.
    * Decreased damage against Civil Ships
    * Decreased ranking points for Civil Ships
    * Espionage ships don't give points for the fleet commander ranking.
    * Increased speed of the Large Recycler from 15 -> 18
    * Increased base production from Mines from 10 -> 30
    * Increased effectivity of the Refinery from 1% -> 2%
    * Shield Generator reworked - Decreased charging speed and
    maximum hitpoints on lower levels and Increased charging speed and
    maximum hitpoints on higher levels
    * Added Species advantage
    Terrans: Ability to build faster (Ships, Turrets, Buildings) -> 10%
    speed bonus on construction time

    New features / other changes:

    * Arms Factory, Resource Cache, Hangar, Scanner, Zek Cave,
    Stealth Generator and Shield Generator only buildable in the Centaurus
    and Phoenix galaxy
    * Added Hangar and Stealth Generator (including autohide function for Recycler and Frighter)
    * Recycling of ships (can be found inside the Shipyard) ->
    40% resource payback of ships. Energy will be payed back completely

    * Disassembling of Xen Ships (can be found inside the Spawning
    Lair) -> Payback of Zeks 1:1. Energy will be payed back completely
    * Recycling of turrets + Automatic repair (can be found inside
    the Arms Factory) -> 80% resource payback for recycling turrets.
    Automatic repair starts at 30% and can be increased by research


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